Tree Explorer version 0.1

Tree Explorer is a JavaScript widget which displays part of a tree. The tree might represent files on a hard drive, pages on a Web site, or any hierarchical data. The displayed portion of the tree changes as the mouse pointer moves over it, allowing rapid exploration of trees too large to be fully displayed on a single screen.

The branches of the tree may be retrieved or even generated as needed using asynchronous JavaScript, so even infinite trees may be navigated without slow loading times or unduly high bandwidth usage.

This project is in a very early stage, having been entirely written during two weeks in November 2008, but I'm releasing what's here now since there is some other work blocking the rest of my plans for this.

A project on similar themes which is much further along is the JavaScript Information Visualization Toolkit (JIT).


  1. A demo using Wikipedia pages.
  2. The API docs.

The API is designed to allow different visualizations to be dropped in by changing one line of code. There's also a demo using a radial visualization and the same Wikipedia dataset, but the radial visualization is incomplete, not really usable, and needs to be rewritten to use the new API.

Git repository

The git repository contains the code, demos, and documentation.

% git clone

For the git-averse, there is a tarball.