PEG 0.0.5 Released

As per the project roadmap, version 0.0.5 is released with the new codegen which produces parsers which generate the streamable output format. The API for dealing with the result of a parser has been improved and updated to use the new format. There are no major new features in this release, and the generated parsers are slower.

The API docs and the arithmetic and ECMAScript parser demos have all been updated, as well as the parser generator and utility functions.

I am releasing the new codegen now that it is stable and correct, but it is not yet fast. The parser optimizations done by the previous codegen are not yet ported to the new one, and the generated parsers are around 8 times slower than they were previously. The next release will focus mainly on further API improvements. There are many performance optimizations to be done, some straightforward and some speculative, so each subsequent release should see moderate speed improvements.